City Hearts visit Westminster to deliver speech at launch of influential Modern Slavery report

Our Head of Development Phill Clayton visited Westminster yesterday to deliver a speech at the launch of a unique and influential report, which has been developed by the University of Nottingham Rights Lab, alongside City Hearts.

The report evaluates the financial costs and benefits of providing victims with twelve months of support and assistance after the NRM process is concluded, as proposed by Lord McColl’s Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill.

The report finds that had the Modern Slavery Bill been implemented in 2017, supporting victims for twelve months after a positive conclusive grounds decision would have produced a direct net financial benefit, estimated to be between £1.0m and £6.6m.

Phill Clayton said: “Ongoing support works. We see the reality of this daily in our support service, as we reach out through fortnightly phone calls and our Drop In network.

We have met 2295 needs in the last two and half years alone, and it is abundantly clear that regular small scale interventions stop needs escalating into more complex issues requiring more costly interventions such as homelessness, severe mental health problems and emergency medical care.

I have long awaited a report of this nature proving that not only that ongoing support works but that it makes financial sense.

The report clearly demonstrates that the direct cost of delivering ongoing support does not have to be expensive to be effective. We have found through our work that 78% of long term needs can be met through light phone calls or tailored interventions.”

Also speaking at the launch, the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP expressed his ongoing commitment to the passing of the bill.

Read the full report here.