safe houses

A safe space for survivors immediately after they have been rescued from modern slavery

"You are rightly proud of the support you and your staff at the safe house give to the residents and the friendly atmosphere you have created. I was interested in the range of support from familiarisation with the local area to encouraging healthy eating. It sounded like a well rounded service. Your team are a credit to you."
Scott McPherson, Director General – Crime, Policing & Fire Group


Over the past five years, we have supported over 750 men, women children in our safe house accommodation.

What We Do

Our homes represent safe and welcoming spaces for women, men and families immediately after they have been rescued or have escaped their traffickers. A number of our houses accommodate women rescued by UK police forces from sex slavery. We also have houses for women and babies born from captivity, families brought in to the country for forced labour, as well as men’s houses, again for those being released from forced labour across the country.

During their time in our safe houses, our experienced team of caseworkers offer vital support, helping survivors access emergency medical treatment, dental care, counselling, police and legal support, English classes, further education, bank accounts and ID. They draw expertise from our extensive network of hundreds of professionals in the healthcare, support and education fields.

We slowly rebuild people’s trust and create a place of community through shared meals and activities. Our safe homes represent both a way out and a way forward.