crime free futures

Providing tailored support and employment training for those seeking a life away from crime


Back in the mid-1990s, About Face project developer Stuart Otten found himself in a different set of circumstances than that of today, he was involved in violence and drug dealing.

After many near misses within the organised crime community in the City of Liverpool and within the criminal justice system, he managed to turn his life around and eventually became a case worker for City Hearts, working with male survivors of modern slavery.

Stuart's dream of supporting those who found themselves on the other side of the law led him to approach the management team of City Hearts to ask if he could look into working to break the cycle of crime.

He then began to fulfill a decade-long personal dream of providing support, advice and guidance to individuals who found themselves in similar situations to those he had found himself in twenty years previously.


About Face

We are committed to addressing the cycle of crime by helping to create crime-free futures. We work alongside people at risk of being involved in offending behaviour who also present as difficult to engage with.

About Face is  a trauma-informed approach, where we create a tailored plan for each individual, offering our own specialist one-to-one support, signposting to our partner organisations, such as South Yorkshire Police, Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service, Drug and Alcohol Services, amongst many others.

Our aim is to ensure those in our support have the opportunity to move into a new, crime-free future, leaving their past behind.

"For those leaving the criminal justice system, it can be very daunting.  Forging Ahead aims to educate and train ex-offenders to prepare them for future employment.”

Dr Alan Billings
South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner

“Stuart and the team at City Hearts are incredible. Their knowledge and support to the people they work with knows no bounds. They are responsive and proactive, ensuring that everyone gets thorough support, information, and advice."


Managing Director, Total Training Provision

"I can’t thank the team enough, they helped me with everything I needed help with and even now, I still call Stu and other staff just to check in or ask advice. I would tell everyone who needs it, to get help from these guys, when they say that they care, they actually do.”


Forging Ahead Programme


Here are some of the great organisations we are working with to achieve our goals