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Why Fundraise For Us?

Welcome to the fundraising page for City Hearts UK - Registered Charity 1110314. The kindness and generosity of our supporters helps us to go the extra mile across all our services helping some of societies most vulnerable people. .

Our supporters and donors are vital.  Each year our fantastic supporters raise vital funds to make sure that those who rely on our services, who have lived through some TRULY terrible experiences, are caringly looked after and supported with dignity into a more positive future.

Although we receive funding from some government organisations, the City Hearts fundraising team play a vital role in funding crucial elements across all our services. Fundraisers like you provide our welcome care packages which greet a traumatised trafficked person at our safe houses. Simple things like fresh underwear, pyjamas, toothpaste, a bar of chocolate… And our loyal supporters provide wellbeing days out for trafficked adults and an annual day trip at the seaside for a trafficked child who has never seen the sea or played on a beach 

Some of our key services, such as longer-term support for survivors of modern slavery would simply not exist without the support of people like you.


Where does the money go?

£5 could provide vital necessities - It's the little things that count, like a toothbrush, fresh towel, or a bar of chocolate. Your donation could fund the basics that make someone feel are valued, they matter once again.

£20 could fund a safe place to stay - It might be the first safe night's sleep they've had in years. Your donation could make sure a survivor of horrific sexual violence has a safe and hope-filled place to live while our expert team help them to recover from trauma.

£25 could fund a fresh start – The toughest barrier to overcome when leaving prison is finding a job. Your contribution will help our team deliver our Forging Ahead Back to Work course, helping someone seeking a crime free future gain the skills and qualifications they need to become employed.

£75 could pay for a personal welcome pack. Survivors usually arrive with nothing but the clothes they stand up in. A fresh set of clothes, shampoo,  toothbrush, a clean towel…Donating to City Hearts to helps give a survivor of slavery all they need to begin moving from trauma to transformation

£100 could fund emotional support – Slavery has a deep and scarring effect on mental health. With your help, a survivor gains access to the vital counselling and mental health support they need to survive and even thrive again.

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£150 could stop re-trafficking – The best way to stay safe from future exploitation is to be independent. Your donation will help us provide vital life skills and peer support groups through our Community Connection Hubs

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Helpful Tips

Make It Personal

  • Make sure you personalise your fundraising page as much as possible. Add a photo. People are more likely to donate if they know a bit about you, City Hearts, and the reasons behind your fundraising efforts.
  • Set a fundraising target to help encourage support – the closer you get to your goal it may well inspire people to give a little extra!
  • Write a blog could help, especially if you’re training for an event. Keeping supporters updated gives them an insight into how much time and effort you’re investing into fundraising.

What Does It Go Towards?

Let your supporters know about the vital work at City Hearts that you are raising money for. Here’s some information that you could include on your page: Human trafficking is a £115 billion global business. On any given day, there are an estimated 136,000 victims of Modern Slavery in the UK alone.  City Hearts relentlessly pursues the freedom and restoration of lives torn apart by Modern Slavery and life controlling issues. They create projects that bring real change to some of the most vulnerable and exploited people in society all over the world. They are dedicated to each person’s recovery and to restoring their lives and futures. City Hearts supports thousands of men, women & children every year, through its safe houses and support initiatives, and with your help they can do so much more.

If you do not want to create an online fundraising page, don’t worry! We have included our branded sponsorship form which you can download and use as you please.

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