integration support

Ongoing support, aiming to prevent survivors falling into homelessness or re-trafficking

"City Hearts, for example, is a charity that runs an Integration Support Programme – a very innovative and effective initiative. Trafficking victims have every good reason to doubt that individual care exists, but compassionate support shows results."

Lord Carey of Clifton, debating the Modern Slavery Bill in the House of Lords.


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What We Do

ISP is a safety net for all survivors who fall through the net of support nationally.  It aims to prevent vulnerable survivors of trafficking from falling into re-trafficking or homelessness. It means no survivor is left involuntarily without support. This is achieved through regular phone contact and tailored advocacy support. The service includes drop in sessions which enable survivors to make friends and integrate into their communities.

If you are working with a survivor who would benefit from our Integration Support Programme, please make a referral using the link below. Please email if you would like more information on whether someone would qualify for Integration Support.
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