Our Outreach Support Team work with survivors of Modern Slavery in the NRM who are living in their community instead of a safe house. Each client is assigned a case worker who will visit and call them on a regular basis to make sure they are safe, and to support them in accessing services such as healthcare, legal advice, housing, and if they’re eligible - education and employment. It is important for people recovering from trauma to feel secure, and to develop resilience to being re-exploited. To help with this, clients are encouraged to attend weekly sessions run by City Hearts where they are able to meet and chat with other clients and staff, as well as to learn a new skill or eat together. They are also encouraged to take part in regular day trips and activities run by City Hearts as a way of increasing confidence and independence. 

“City Hearts helped me with money advice, food, clothes and much more. They never forgot me”- Outreach client who has now been able to move on with her life and into her own home and employment."