Celebrating our volunteer in The Sheffield Star!

Our wonderful volunteer Claire, who is a trained hairdresser and massage therapist, gives up her time each week to cut and style our clients’ hair.

The positive difference a haircut can make to the confidence of survivors and their sense of identity is amazing to see.

Claire says “Women from all walks of life feel happier about themselves after a haircut. But for women rescued from trafficking, the experience makes them feel feminine again. A new image even signals a new direction for their lives.”

We are so thankful to Claire, and to all of our volunteers, for the work they do to support City Hearts and our clients.

Read the full story here – https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/people/how-hairdresser-claire-is-helping-to-give-trafficked-women-in-sheffield-a-new-beginning-67201