City Hearts Ghana Emergency Relief Fund

 It costs just £3 to provide three hot meals to a homeless person in Ghana, or £16 to feed a family for a whole week.

As as result of COVID 19, families who rely on their daily income for food have been hit hard. During the lockdown in Ghana, our teams worked tirelessly to distribute meals to the homeless and vulnerable families. So far, we have given out 635 hot meals to the homeless and 456 family hampers.

Karen Bianchi, City Hearts Africa manager, said “This hamper project has been a life line to our families, so many of them have expressed that they don’t know what they would do without this support for their families.

Covid-19 isn’t only in our communities, the aftermath of lockdown means an economy that will take take time to come back to life. Many jobs have been lost and many families have been left without an income and no means to feed their children. We are also providing educational packs for their children- who have been out of school for weeks now.”

A City Hearts worker, helping deliver the hampers, said “These hampers have been life saving. In times like this when hope was lost and parents couldn’t work ,the constant supply of hampers were what sustained them and kept them going through each day. Food was put on the table for not just the City Hearts kids but their entire household. These families are forever grateful . One parent said “if it was not for these hampers I wouldn’t know what to do

Please consider donating to our emergency relief fund to support those in need during this challenging time. 

You can help contribute to the emergency relief fund in Ghana by giving below.