City Hearts Africa update

City Hearts Africa has been working in Accra, Ghana since 2015. During this time, we have had the privilege of supporting over 100 children through our Child Partnership Programme, which provides educational equipment such as school books and uniforms, pays schooling fees and provides mentoring.

Since March, during the COVID-19 pandemic, City Hearts Africa has sadly been unable to operate the Child Partnership Programme and Emerging Voices project due to government regulations closing schools and stopping gatherings.

However, staff have been able to help the Child Partnership Programme families through the initial stages of crisis with 740 emergency hampers and educational packs, which has brought support and stability to the vast majority of our families in this very hard time.

We have sought to use our financial resources to maintain staff employment as long as possible, however City Hearts Africa has reached a point where unfortunately we are unable to offer ongoing meaningful work to our staff. Covid-19 has created much uncertainty and it is unclear when we would be able to run the Child Partnership Programme.

In light of this, we have made the difficult decision to close the Child Partnership Programme which has taken effect from the end of July. We regret that the programme must come to an end, but celebrate the impact it has had over the past five years.

We are committed to paying the children’s next year of school fees and will be signposting our families to local, trusted NGO partners.

The Emerging Voices research programme, which also runs in Accra, was due to end in May. The programme has been extended due to COVID and will now be completed by the end of August. 

Emerging Voices educated young people about historic and modern slavery, equipping them to build future anti-slavery strategies. Children and young people visited heritage sites and met Ghanaians who have been exploited. The programme saw an increase in knowledge and awareness of modern slavery by 175%.

City Hearts Africa will continue, remaining committed to working with existing and potential partners to bring positive change in Ghana.