What Freedom Looks Like

Introducing our Christmas Campaign: What Freedom Looks Like. 

This year has given us time to reflect upon what is truly important, reminding us just how valuable our independence really is and how challenging it can be when our freedom is restricted. 

During their time in exploitation, many of our clients had their independence and freedom stolen. This may be their first Christmas free from exploitation, but many are away from family and have the painful memories of being trapped in modern slavery. We want to make this Christmas as special as possible, creating new, happy memories for our clients to take away.

Throughout December, we’ll be sharing quotes from the men and women we support, about what freedom looks like for them. 

It’s often the things we take for granted, especially over the Christmas period, such as a roof over our head or clothes to wear. 

Ed Newton, CEO, says “Freedom is more than rescuing those we support from their exploitative situation and from their traffickers. It’s a freedom to be, to rest, to begin to look to the future without fear, and dream and hope again. It’s through your support, we are able to be part of so many peoples’ freedom journeys.”

We hope by sharing what freedom looks like for those we support, we can raise awareness of modern slavery.

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