City Hearts Statement – March 2018

On 14th March, Channel 4 raised a number of concerns relating to some of the services provided by City Hearts to which we gave the following response:

“City Hearts is currently helping safeguard over 600 women, men and children – assisting them to recover from the evils of Modern Slavery. We have so far helped around 4,250 people to go on to lead fulfilling independent lives.

We seek to uphold the highest standards of excellence and diversity, and have been very disappointed to hear the allegations you have brought to our attention.

We are of course investigating these matters and in the meantime it would be inappropriate for us to comment publicly, especially in relation to the individuals involved.

We will in any event review our policies and procedures to try to make sure we are as supportive and protective as we can be in supporting people whose lives have been so badly harmed by the evil of Modern Slavery.”

City Hearts – March 2018