Staff Spotlight: Megan Reeves

Meg Reeves is our North West drop-in facilitator, and a member of our Innovation Committee. Meg has already raised over £280 for our Sofa to Summit challenge.

“Hi I’m Meg and I am the Drop-in facilitator for the North West. Over the past year we have been unable to run drop-ins, so the Health and Wellbeing Team we have been busy running other projects for those we support, for example Christmas, Well-being packs, Online events and referrals.

I am honoured to be chosen as a member of the new Innovation Committee as I am so excited to see new ideas come to fruition. I wanted to be a part of this team as my heart is to see City Hearts showing clients that they have a voice and for them to see that we are trying to develop our service to meet their needs, keeping the clients at the centre of everything we do.

Being a part of the Health and Wellbeing Team means that we constantly have to come up with new ideas to keep things fresh for the men, women and families we support, but also to solve challenges that come our way, for example no drop-ins due to COVID! Also, seeing clients on a weekly basis (pre-COVID), we see what works well and what they enjoy, against what needs to be improved or revisited.

I think our first idea of the Renovation Hub is exactly what City Hearts Clients need at the moment. Those we support are always in need of donations, whether that be clothes or furniture, for moving accommodation or joining the service. In the North West we currently have a donations room but its full to the brim and it’s in desperate need of some reorganising!

We have also had to turn down some quality donations due to lack of space and no staff to sort the donations as they come in. Having a clear space and a dedicated staff member to manage the donations as well as being able to source good quality items will really help to show clients that they are important, cared for and give them a great chance at a fresh start in life.

We’re raising money for this in our upcoming Sofa to Summit event, you can register here.”