Mental Health March at City Hearts

Throughout March, we are running a mental health initiative, which offers our employees yoga and exercise classes, art and crafts workshops and a weekly meal to enjoy together. 

The initiative aims to raise awareness of mental health and self-care within the workplace, bringing staff together for communal lunches and activities, whilst giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents and share hobbies they are passionate about. Kathija will be using her love of cooking to create delicious weekly meals for the team, whilst other staff members are hosting embroidery and art workshops.

Amy Bond, Head of HR, said “At City Hearts, our staff are required to come face to face with trauma and complex mental health needs on a daily basis. It’s an absolute privilege for us to help journey people to recovery and see lives changed before our eyes, and it’s also important for us to recognise that the journey can take its’ toll on those walking it with them. 

That’s why during Mental Health March, we train our staff to understand the impact of trauma on the client, and also how to identify signs of vicarious trauma in themselves, and how to equip themselves with practical techniques that help build resilience and ensure that they thrive in the role. 

We also emphasise the importance of looking after yourself, in order to allow you to look after others, so we encourage our staff to stop taking ‘desk lunches’ and instead have lunch in community with their colleagues, or attend one of our free staff yoga or fitness classes. It’s really important that we keep the conversation about mental health in the workplace open, and actively encourage it, so that our staff feel as cared for and supported as the clients do.”