City Hearts launches Emerging Voices project in Ghana

2019 sees the beginning of innovative research project Emerging Voices, which aims to explore the next generation’s awareness of historic and modern slavery in Ghana, and to understand how this can help develop antislavery strategies.

The Antislavery Knowledge Network (AKN) funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council as part of its Network Plus call offers the first extended effort to address slavery as a development challenge in sub Saharan Africa via innovative approaches from the arts and humanities.

Emerging Voices builds on the existing work of City Hearts Africa’s unique educational development programme. The project will work with 60 young people living in the capital city of Accra, where many children live in poverty and thousands have already fallen into slavery and exploitation.

Visual and digital art sessions delivered by local art teachers will be used to explore awareness of forms of slavery and the impact they have. During the project the children and young people will visit sites, meet and hear from heritage experts and Ghanaians who have been exploited.

The project aims to equip children with the knowledge needed to build community antislavery strategies.

“Emerging voices is a bold, new and exciting project using the arts, heritage and technology as tools to explore past and present slavery in Ghana. The project will inspire young people to influence social change, creating a future free from slavery.”


– Phill Clayton, Head of Development