City Hearts Africa Update – September 17

How many?!

We’re excited to announce that thanks to our generous supporters our Child Partnership Programme is growing! This year we’ve increased the number of children we support from 35 to 50. And don’t forget it’s not just the individual life that is being changed – it’s the entire family that is touched and a whole generation whose destiny is changed forever.

City Hearts Africa is continuing to grow and change more lives for the better!

Joining our new International Development Coordinator Karen in Ghana, is newly appointed Child Partnership Programme Coordinator Robyn Tate and volunteer Allison Wheedon who has given up a year to support the programme.

Having just returned back from Ghana, Lydia Beck and shares some of her story…

“During my time in Ghana I saw children graduate and go on to senior high school, more children being supported, lots of staff training, teachers and families connecting with us more and a whole heap of fun! It’s been a true privilege to be a part of the foundational years of such a thriving project.

Our focus was on fostering partnerships with key organisations and schools and strengthening relationships with the children’s families through Family Feast events, home visits, parent meetings and regular phone calls.

Our new mentorship program matches each child to a staff member who they meet with each month allowing them space to talk about their personal highlights or struggles. Through this, we were able to support children through some difficult times and celebrate them when they achieved personal goals. I’m excited for the children as I really believe through the work that we’re doing, many have the capacity to become positive and influential members of their society.”