City Hearts Supports Survivors into Employment

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On 18th January 2018, City Hearts will present to a round table meeting, hosted by Rt Hon Frank Field MP at the Houses of Parliament.  The meeting seeks to engage businesses in supporting survivors of Modern Slavery with an employment opportunity after their time in a safe house.

Over the past year, we have developed a pathway which has seen over 30 survivors complete a tailored job placement with the Coop, which has transformed their lives.  City Hearts exists to pursue freedom and restore lives and we know that a stable income alongside meaningful community allows a survivor to enjoy a lasting freedom.

City Hearts is currently caring for 500 men, women and children who are survivors of Modern Slavery in our safe houses and outreach programmes.  This is part of the Government’s 45 day reflection and recovery period for victims.  Those we support have been through the most traumatic of circumstances, having been repeatedly abused and exploited.  Although much can be achieved in 45 days, to see a life fully restored requires longer term support.  This is why we developed longer term care through the Integration Support Programme (ISP).

The ISP is a safety net which prevents survivors from finding themselves in places of extreme vulnerability, such as retrafficking or homelessness.  It means no survivor is left involuntarily without support and provides a place of great community through our Drop Ins, which we aim to be the best day of someone’s week.

To accelerate someone along their pathway to freedom, the ISP connects survivors to local Coop Bright Future placements.  Under the scheme, the Coop provides survivors with a four week paid work placement with a guaranteed non-competitive interview for a job at the end.  Before, during and after this time, City Hearts support is vital.

The results have been amazing.  Peter was exploited in a car wash and then forced to open fraudulent bank accounts to aid his traffickers’ money laundering.  He is one of many, who is now working in a store.  He said, ‘I love my life now.  I enjoy waking up every morning.  This is the ideal working environment for me.  The people here are seriously nice.’

Ed Newton, City Hearts Managing Director, said ‘We are committed and honoured to play a part in the journey of recovery for survivors.  A job represents food on the table, a home and community to be part of and improved confidence.  At today’s meeting, we hope that more businesses will come on board to see many more survivors fully restored.’


For further information or to support us in the fight against Modern Slavery, please contact our Head Office on or call 0114 213 2063.