41 ‘extremely vulnerable’ rescued in raids across North West England.

This month, City Hearts played a critical role in the rescue of 41 ‘extremely vulnerable’ people in raids across North West England.

Thanks to the trusting relationships built at our Drop-ins, which provide on-going support to survivors of Modern Slavery, our team identified a suspicious working arrangement which one individual found themselves in.  This resulted in a tip off, which led to a major investigation by Merseyside Police and the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) which resulted in raids on 12 homes and the rescue of 41 workers suspected to be the victims of Modern Slavery.

City Hearts Regional Manager Phill Clayton, told BBC Look North that the client “was vulnerable and not understanding what was right and what was wrong. It felt not okay to him, he felt like he needed to get advice. And that’s what we do, we help people like that.”

GLAA senior investigating officer Martin Plimmer said the victims were all forced to work at food processing and packaging plants in Greater Manchester.

“They were not aware of their rights, they were being told where to live, they were being told where to be, they were being transported,” he said.

“At every stage there was somebody controlling their movements. This was being done by fear. The whole purpose of this gang was to exploit these people.”

For the full story head to the BBC website.