Staff Spotlight: Grishma Bijukumar

“Hi everyone, I’m Grishma and I’m based in the North West Branch of City Hearts.

I love meeting new people and getting involved in loads of activities; horoscopes, anything to do with food and tiktok. My superpower is that I have a shockingly powerful, yet very niche, memory- I am a great person to have on a pub quiz team!

My background is related to student politics; I was a former Sabbatical Officer, Charity Director and Trustee for Lancaster University Students’ Union. I am currently completing my Masters in Human Resources Management at the University of Liverpool.

I am really excited to have started working for City Hearts as I am really passionate about the work the organisation carries out. I have a huge passion and specialism within EDI; both through my degree and my activism outside of work and university.

I am currently involved in external projects such as Merseyside BLM and Merseyside Feminist Society.”