Skiing for Sofa to Summit

Our Integration Support Programme co-ordinator Mischa ran 5K around Liverpool’s Sefton Park in a full ski suit to raise money for our Sofa to Summit challenge!

The Sofa to Summit challenge involved climbing the equivalent of the 103,488 steps to the summit of Kilimanjaro to raise funds for a new Restoration Hub, which will provide essential items to those arriving in our safe houses, and home-start packs to those moving into their own home, such as rugs and lamps.

Mischa explains “I love focusing on clients having sustainable independence and long-term freedom. I have seen first-hand the difference basic essential items can make to those we support. When they arrive in our safe houses, even just having a pair of slippers means so much.”

“We support men and women through our safe houses and eventually help them to find their own accommodation when they are ready to move on. Some clients have waited years for their own home, and I’ve seen them moving in with no belongings; without cutlery, a hoover or kettle. Everyone should have these essential items. The things we may think of as basic are part of their recovery – having the freedom to choose is precious.”

“The funds raised from Sofa to Summit will help us provide items which give our clients value, helping them to feel empowered. The restoration hub will help us to organise donations and get essential items to clients who need them quickly. The hub will help the community connect with City Hearts through donations, and I hope it will grow to include furniture and larger items, which would be amazing.”

“I wanted to make it fun, but also a challenge. I ran the last leg around Sefton Park in my ski suit to get people to notice and hopefully raise more awareness.”

Mischa has raised over £1055 so far and is hoping to raise as much as possible before the closing date of May 12th.

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