Volunteer Week: Alison Winter

Last week was Volunteer Week 2021 (1 June – 7 June) and we’re so proud and thankful to anyone who has volunteered over the years here at City Hearts. We are also so proud of the various members of the team who volunteer in their own time to numerous other causes as wide and varied as event staff, being part of local councils, charity trustees and much much more!

Alison Winter, one of our volunteers at our Liverpool Office recently answered some questions on why she loves giving up her time!

Q. Hi Alison! For those who don’t know you then…. Who are you and where are you from?

A.  Hi there! My name is Alison Winter and I am from Widnes in Cheshire, which is very close to Liverpool.

Q. What is your role at City Hearts and how long have you been here?

A.  I volunteer in the office at the Liverpool branch of City Hearts. I help with the calls to the clients once a week usually to check on them and see how their week is going and I know that is makes a huge difference to them to hear a friendly voice. I started volunteering there in January 2020 although I’ve had breaks over that time because of the various lockdowns and restrictions.   

Q. What do you enjoy most about volunteering at City Hearts?

A.  A sense of purpose. I like to feel useful and I like to feel like I’m helping and making a difference to the team in the office and also the clients.

 Q. What would you say to anyone looking to volunteer?

A. I would definitely recommend volunteering and I think if anyone has a volunteering role in mind and they would like to help and be involved to make a difference then they should definitely go for it!

Q. Anything to add?

A.  Just that I hope people do decide to give volunteering a go as I believe they would find it very rewarding indeed.

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