Sofa to Summit has begun!

Our annual Sofa to Summit fundraising challenge is underway!

Hundreds of City Hearts’ staff members and supporters are now busy running, hiking, and even weightlifting their way around a virtual 25.5 mile circuit, as they attempt to raise as much money as possible for our long-term recovery programmes.

Staff from our North East office will be also joined by a former client of theirs, MD, who was supported in a City Hearts safe house following his rescue from exploitation. He is now studying law so that he can help other vulnerable people, and to raise money for the City Hearts programmes that helped him.

Speaking about Sofa to Summit, MD said: “The money raised from this challenge will bring comfort and relief to traumatised victims, especially in recovering their mental health and their overall wellbeing.”

You can sponsor MD here:

We have been also lucky enough to receive a donation of £5,000 from supermarket chain Aldi which will go a long way towards our fundraising goal of £30,000.

This year City Hearts are fundraising for our Integration Support Department which runs programmes that provide long-term emotional support to clients. The aim of these programmes is to help them develop the resilience and confidence they need to live their lives independently, and to avoid being re-exploited.

We need additional funding to help us run these programmes and initiatives, which include confidence boosting day trips, activities, and meet-ups, that help our clients make friends and feel connected to their community. We also provide a regular phone call service to people who have left our care to make sure there remains a support network for people who still need an additional safety net, and to let them know they’re not alone.

A team from City Hearts will be trekking the 25.5 mile route of the Yorkshire Three Peaks on Saturday. You can sponsor them here: