Plan B

Plan B is a project funded by the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, and provided by the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit.

City Hearts has the contract to run The Plan B Custody Navigator scheme, which aims to engage with people aged 16 and over who are in custody, and help them move their lives away from crime.

The Custody Navigators visit people in police custody suites across South Yorkshire and offer to listen to their stories and the reasons they became involved in crime. If they are willing, the offender can accept the support of the navigators to access various services that will support them in changing their lifestyle, such as education, employment, addiction services, housing, and counselling.

Plan B is not an alternative to the criminal justice system, but acts as a parallel pathway for offenders while criminal proceedings are underway. 

"In South Yorkshire, we are taking a public health approach to preventing and reducing violence.  This means that we look at the causes of violence, working in partnership to stop violence before it starts, halt the progression of violence once it has already begun and provide ways out for people already entrenched in violent behaviour." - South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit.