Modern Slavery Referral Number

From the 4th January 2021, the Salvation Army’s confidential modern slavery helpline number will change to 0800 808 3733.  This designated number will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Remember, someone may be trapped in modern slavery if:

  • They look unkempt or malnourished, with few personal belongings
  • They may appear uneasy and anxious
  • They may have untreated injuries
  • Someone else may be paying for their travel
  • Someone may be speaking for them
  • They may be reluctant to interact with others/talk to strangers/the authorities
  • Have no personal identification on them
  • They may not be sure of their own address
  • They could be picked up and dropped off from work at unusual times

If you suspect someone is a victim of modern slavery, call 0800 808 3733.

If there is an immediate danger to the suspected victim, inform the police and call 999.

For more information, visit the Salvation Army’s website.