Merseyside Deferred Prosecution Scheme

The Merseyside Deferred Prosecution Scheme (MDPS) is a programme that is funded by, and runs in partnership with, Merseyside Police. The scheme works with males, aged 18-25, who have committed minor offences, and aims to reduce re-offending rates by offering offenders the chance to engage with a 16-week programme rather than be prosecuted. City Hearts has the contract to provide Key Workers to support and mentor clients through the MDPS programme.

City Hearts’ Key Workers use the ‘nine pathways’ approach to tailor-make support programmes for individual clients, and focus on a holistic approach of addressing the causes of low-level criminality.

Once a client’s issues have been discussed, their Key Worker will help direct them to organisations that can help. These can include support around accommodation, finance, mental and physical health, thinking and behaviour, drugs, alcohol, education, training and employment.

“City Hearts supports clients with issues such as previous trauma, homelessness, poverty, ill health, difficult relationships, and unemployment. It involves working in partnership and sign posting to other organisations. If the client continues to participate and meet agreed goals, then the potential prosecution is deferred. - Stuart Otten, About Face Manager