Marian’s Story

Marian recently shared his journey from exploitation to freedom with Dan Hayes, as part of JPI Media’s Modern Slavery in the UK investigation.

After a friend suggested Marian move to London to work in a car wash, he began to be criminally exploited. After enduring weeks of no pay and being forced to open fraudulent bank accounts with fake identification, Marian escaped, finding refuge in a police station and telling them his story.

He was referred to City Hearts and moved into a safe house, where he received support from our team of caseworkers and support workers.

“City Hearts helped me so much. Getting identification, helping me to find accommodation and teaching me English through classes, which has made me feel much more confident.”

He found a job through the Bright Future programme, and now says he feels happy and safe. He wanted to share his story in the hope of helping others in a similar situation.

“Before I didn’t have any dreams but I can see a nice future now. City Hearts have helped me a lot and maybe my experience can help others. There are still too many people in the same situation.”

Read Marian’s full story in the Sheffield Star and the Blackpool Gazette.