Integration Support Progamme

Helping someone recover from the trauma of exploitation is about more than just providing a roof over their head. People who have survived the abuses of trafficking and Modern Slavery often need years of support to recover emotionally, and to regain the feelings of self-worth and confidence that were taken from them during their ordeal.

The Integration Support Department was created by City Hearts as a way of addressing the needs of clients who had left the NRM, but who were struggling to move on from their exploitation. An initial report showed that a large percentage of clients who were leaving the NRM either went on to become homeless, re-exploited, or develop an addiction. The Integration Support Department began as a fortnightly phone call to people who had left the safe houses, to make sure they were safe, and to address any issues they were having in relation to their recovery.

It has since developed into a programme that ensures no survivor is left involuntarily without support when they leave the NRM. The ISP acts as a safety net to ensure any vulnerabilities that could lead to struggles are addressed before they become out of hand. Survivors are supported through regular phone contact and signposted to support to increase their connection to their local area, increase their self-confidence and support them in reaching sustainable independence. 

Clients are also encouraged to take part in activities designed to increase their confidence and social skills, in the hope of preventing them becoming isolated and vulnerable.

Clients who have moved on from support are still able to contact City Hearts whenever they need to, which is a vital source of emotional comfort for some survivors as they know there is always someone they can rely upon for help.

“City Hearts has made a big difference in my life because without them I would never have felt confident and safe. They supported me emotionally, and they helped me move forward, step by step, and believe in myself again” - City Hearts client who engaged with ISP.