Donations of chocolate eggs means a sweet Easter for City Hearts clients.

Ethical chocolate brand Tony’s Chocolonely have donated hundreds of Easter eggs to the slavery survivors living in our safe houses.

Tony’s Chocolonely, who aim to keep their chocolate supply chain 100% slave free, regularly donate chocolate to City Hearts’ clients, and this month have donated 150 Easter eggs, which will be given to all our safe house clients and their children, across our sites in the North West, North East, and South Yorkshire.

City Hearts Service Manager, Allison Hilton, will be helping to distribute the Easter eggs to clients.

She said: “Having so many clients across City Hearts often makes it difficult to provide gifts at special celebrations, but thanks to companies like Tony’s, we are sometimes able to give little gifts to everyone, and it’s always so rewarding to see the big smiles on clients’ faces, especially the children, who are always overjoyed to receive chocolate!

“I have worked for many years with City Hearts, and know the importance of adding value to the life of each individual person who comes into our care. Little gifts such as chocolate bars might not seem much to us, but to our clients it gives them hope that the world does have kindness in it.”

Ben Greensmith, UK Director of Tony’s Chocolonely added: “Because big companies pay so little for their cocoa, there are massive supply chain problems. 1.5 million children are working on cocoa farms to make the chocolate we enjoy.

“Tony’s look for like-minded partners such as City Hearts, and consumers who like what we do. We are deliberately a commercial organisation, not an NGO to demonstrate to big companies it is possible to make delicious ethical chocolate and profit.”