City Hearts Africa

"Without City Hearts, I wouldn’t be in school, I wouldn’t have a dream. You have changed this for me. How can I thank you."

Kwasi - A Child Partnership Programme Student

Our impact



children supported by our child partnership programme

What we do

Our Child Partnership programme seeks to reduce the risk of children being exploited and empower them for the future. It works with families and schools to encourage generational change and empowerment through education.

By providing mentoring and life skills and supplying practical resources including school books, uniforms and school fees, the programme enables students to remain in education and is raising aspirations.

Our Emerging Voices research project is based in Ghana’s capital city, Accra. It works with children and young people to explore their awareness of historic and modern slavery. Funded by the Antislavery Knowledge Network, it is the first extended effort to address slavery in sub-Saharan Africa via innovative approaches from the Arts and Humanities.

Children and young people visit heritage sites and meet heritage experts and Ghanaians who have been exploited. The project aims to equip young people with the knowledge needed to build antislavery strategies.

Karen Bianchi

Head of City Hearts Africa